About Dawn

Hi there! Welcome to my passion project Pleasantly Surprised. I’m a Maritime girl who’s been living in Toronto with my husband for the past 5 years. I’m a mum and a grandma, and former speed skating coach. I love to garden, growing lavender in my tiny front yard and tomatoes in the back. I love to cook and decorate and am a lover of all things vintage and antique. 

My love of vintage and antiques started as a little girl wandering in the aisles of treasures in the ‘Sally Ann’ thrift store, flea markets, yard sales and antique shops with my Nanny. She always managed to find some little treasure: a beautiful teacup, a sparkling brooch or necklace, or some beautiful linen.

It was in these places that I learned the value of something that has been loved and treasured. And of looking past the wear and seeing the beauty. And knowing that given the right home, that beauty can shine through.

And putting the baskets together? Well that’s my happy place~ my creative therapy.

So have a look around. Maybe something you see will find a place in your home or the home of someone important to you.

Oh, and PS ~
Thanks for popping by